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Privacy and Security Policy

ABL, SA. is committed to honoring your privacy.  We exercise the most stringent security precautions to protect your information. This Privacy and Security Policy will tell you what information we collect about you on our TherapyEdgeTM Web site (the Site) and how we protect that information. Please note that we have individual privacy policies on our other Web sites, and you should refer to the specific privacy policies that are posted on those sites.  We urge you to read our Privacy and Security Policy so that you will understand both our commitment to you and your privacy, and how you can participate in that commitment.


Information We Collect When You Register
Physicians, healthcare providers, and other users (customers, you or your) registering for services on our Site are asked to provide us with identifying information, such as name, contact information, and other identifying information.
Personally identifiable information is information that can be used to identify or contact you.  On our registration screens, we clearly label which information is required for registration, and which information is optional and may be given at your discretion. You will also be given a choice about whether or not you want to receive newsletter and related information. ABL will ask for your consent before collecting personally identifiable information.

Information We Collect When You Use the Site
In order to access the Site, you are required to provide your email address as your user ID and password, and you may be required to provide additional certification information in certain circumstances.  While using the Site, we may log your IP address (the Internet address of your computer) to give us an idea of which parts of our Site you visit and how long you spend there, but we do not link your IP address to anything personally identifiable.  We also maintain a transaction log of changes you make while using the Site.  The only other information that may be automatically provided to us is the type of computer and operating system you are using. Your browser supplies us with this information, which we use to determine which browsers and operating systems we should design our products for.

The services provided on the Site enable you to store, access, transmit and receive individually identifiable medical and related information concerning your patients (Personal Patient Data).  It is our firm commitment that, except as set forth in this Privacy and Security Policy or as specifically agreed to by you, we will not disclose any Personal Patient Data we gather from you or on your behalf on this Site.

Information from Outside Sources
At your direction, we may collect information related to your patients from third party sources on your behalf, such as laboratory results and prescription information.  We may also collect information about physicians or other healthcare professionals who register on our Site from other sources in order to verify their licensure status and identity. In some cases we may ask customers for information after they register, such as credit card information. Where necessary (for example, to process an order for a purchase), we may contact financial or credit organizations to confirm customer credit card information.


It is our firm commitment that, except as set forth in this Privacy and Security Policy or as specifically agreed to by you, we will not disclose any Personal Patient Data we gather from you or on your behalf on this Site.

User Registration Data
If you choose to submit registration information about yourself on our Site, We will offer you the option to receive marketing or promotional information about us or our products based on that information.  This information is kept strictly confidential. We do not sell, give away, transfer or allow any form of access to this information by anyone outside our company.

Third Parties
We may share some kinds of information with third parties as described below.

  • Business Transfers: If we transfer a business unit (such as a subsidiary) or an asset (such as a Web site) to another company, we will require them to honor the applicable terms of this Privacy and Security Policy.
  • Credit Card / Wire Payments:  To register and pay for subscriptions to the Site, or for certain Services or Content available on the Site, you may be asked for credit card information and billing address. This information will be stored in a database on a secure server, and only authorized ABL employees or contractors will have access to the database. However, ABL will disclose your credit card and billing information to the financial institutions that process your charges; we may also disclose such information to third parties that provide credit card verification services to us. In accordance with this Privacy and Security Policy, you may contact us to delete credit card information from our systems. We will honor your request, provided that we determine that you do not have an outstanding balance on your account.
  • Legal Requirements: We may release personal information when we believe release is required to comply with law.


When we share information with third parties, we ask that they agree in writing to abide by the applicable terms of ABL's privacy policies.  If we discover that a third party inadvertently disclosed personal information about any of our customers, we will take immediate action to prevent further occurrences. 


Other than the cases described above, ABL will not release personally identifiable information, including any Personal Patient Data, to a third party without the customer's consent. Also, if we ask your consent to release personal healthcare information from one of our other sites to a third party, we will use our best efforts to clearly define and limit the scope of your consent.



ABL maintains the highest standards in securing and controlling all data housed within our data centers.  We have implemented security technology, and privacy and security policies, rules and other measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, and accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring that all our employees and others who have access to or are associated with the processing of your data respect your confidentiality.


User Authentication

ABL uses security methods to determine the identity of its registered users, so that appropriate rights and restrictions can be enforced for that user. Reliable verification of user identity is called authentication. ABL uses both passwords and usernames to authenticate users. Users are responsible for maintaining their own passwords.


Storage of Information
Personal Patient Data that you share with us, or that we obtain on your behalf, is stored with leading edge encryption technology on our database servers at ABL data centers or hosted by third parties who have entered into agreements with us that require them to observe the applicable terms of our Privacy and Security Policy. We utilize state of the art hardware and software firewalls to prevent individuals from accessing information without authorization. Our Data centers are physically secure and protected from unauthorized access by unauthorized persons.
We are not responsible for the physical security of servers that are hosted at the customer site or in a customer arranged hosting facility, however we will work with our customers to ensure physical and logical security for their environment.


Information in our data centers is backed up routinely, in order to aid in the recovery of information in the event of accidental damage of information or due to a natural disaster.


Transmission of Information

We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in transmitting Personal Patient Data, as well as your personal identifiable information, to our servers to help to ensure the integrity and privacy of the information you provide to us via the Internet.  Encryption involves systematically scrambling numbers and letters, so that even if someone managed to intercept the information, they would not be able to make sense of it.


ABL Employees
ABL employees are required to keep customer information private, as a condition of their employment with the company.  Employees are required to receive confidentiality/privacy training and to sign a confidentiality agreement.  Only a limited number of ABL employees are authorized to access Personal Patient Data or your personal identifiable information.  All employees and contractors must abide by our Privacy and Security Policy, and those who violate that policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of their employment, and legal action.


Although we will make every reasonable effort to protect Personal Patient Data from loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties, you should be aware that there is always some risk involved in transmitting information over the Internet. There is also some risk that thieves could find a way to thwart our security systems.


ABL will maintain the confidentiality of all Personal Patient Data in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, final privacy regulations promulgated pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). ABL recognizes our responsibilities to the patients, physicians and laboratories that utilize our services pursuant to HIPAA and commits to aid all parties in guaranteeing their full compliance with this federal statute and the regulations promulgated to implement it.


This Site is designed and intended for use by adults, and is not intended for, nor is it designed to be used by, children under the age of 13. We do not collect personally identifiable information from any person we know is a child under the age of 13.


As a service to you, our Site may contain links to other websites. Unfortunately we cannot control the privacy practices or the content of such websites. Any subscriber laboratories, suppliers, or other third parties referenced or otherwise accessible via the Site have their own privacy and data collection practices. ABL has no responsibility or liability for these independent policies. Please visit the home page for each individual laboratory, supplier, or third party to learn about its privacy and data collection policies.

On occasion, we may also provide access to ABL chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.


Please feel free to contact us at any time to delete your Personal Patient Data and other personally identifiable information from our systems if you terminate your subscription to this Site, or to update the Personal Patient Data and other personally identifiable information that you have provided to us, by emailing us at  Such changes will not have any effect on other information that ABL maintains.


It is not technologically possible to remove each and every record of the information you have provided to ABL from our servers, even if you terminate your subscription to this Site. The need to back-up our systems to protect information from inadvertent loss means that a copy of your Personal Patient Data and other personally identifiable information may exist in a non-erasable form that will be difficult or impossible for us to locate. Nevertheless, we promise that upon receiving your request, all Personal Patient Data and other personally identifiable information stored in the databases actively in use on the site, for research and other activities, and other readily searchable media, will be deleted.


We may make changes to our Privacy and Security Policy from time to time to more closely comply with new laws or regulations or to reflect comments from our customers.  Certain of these changes may be significant, in that they may affect the use of the Personal Patient Data and other personally identifiable information that we collect.  We will notify you in advance by email or in writing of any significant changes and obtain your "opt-in" consent to any significant new uses of your Personal Patient Data and your other personally identifiable information, if it was collected from you prior to such proposed change.  Unless we obtain your "opt-in" consent, we will not make significant changes to the way we use your personally identifiable information that was previously gathered.  We may also make non-significant changes to our Privacy and Security Policy that generally will not affect our use of Personal Patient Data or other personally identifiable information.  We will post Privacy and Security Policy changes on our Web sites in a timely manner.


You should frequently check this posted Privacy and Security Policy for any future changes. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revised policy, please exit the site immediately and terminate your subscription to the Site.




For privacy questions or concerns about one of ABL's Web sites or services, please contact



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